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OurGV.org is a unique collaboration that progressively assists merchants and non-profit organizations in reaching their financial goals. By connecting the interests of a merchantsí profit initiatives and the fundraising efforts of non-profit groups, communities everywhere become stronger. This is Our Global Vision.

The program is the result of extensive research studying the challenges that many businesses and charitable associations experience. When businesses utilize typical marketing options, the resulting sales rarely justify the initial costs that need to be invested. Additionally, we have found that many businesses have the desire to help out local charities; however, budget constraints can make this difficult, and sometimes impossible. As non-profit groups have ongoing community services that they are looking to provide, fundraising goals can sometimes be a challenge to achieve.

By creating a coalition of merchants and non-profit groups, everyone can reach their goals. The more charitable supporters purchase everyday items from designated merchants, the more funds are raised for the charity and the more business is generated by the merchants. Win-Win for everyone!

With the partnership of non-profits and merchants, OurGV.org looks forward to stronger communities everywhere!

We also have a crowdfunding platform that has already donated over 100 million dollars for non profits! Signup for free today!

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