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OurGV Rewards has developed an innovative, yet simple way, to turn everyday purchases into a great fundraising opportunity for organizations!

For customers supporting an organization utilizing the Deluxe Fundraising option, 80% of the posted rebate for each merchant goes to that organization. For example, the posted percentage (on the OurGV Shopping Mall) for the merchant lists the rebate as 10%. When a supporter of your organization shops at that particular store and makes a purchase of $100, a $10 rebate goes into the program and $8 or 80% of $10 goes to your organization! All fundraising dollars generated by the program are paid to the organization group monthly.

For customers supporting an organization group utilizing the Free fundraising option, 10% of the posted rebate for each merchant in the OurGV Mall goes to the organization.

In addition to the funds generated by everyday shopping, imagine the fundraising that can happen during heavy shopping times of the year ranging from Mother’s Day to Back To School Shopping to holiday shopping. Besides individuals shopping to fundraise, entire organizations can also make their everyday purchases through the program. Your organization group can actually contribute to its own fundraising by making purchases such as office supplies through the program. Think of the possibilities when businesses shop through the program for their necessities, these types of bulk purchases can really help your organization fundraise.

OurGV Rewards looks forward to helping your organization maximize the fundraising opportunity!

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